Thursday, November 8, 2012

Businesses in Alderney

Looking for something new? Looking for a business in Alderney? Want to turn the clocks back? Return to the safety and peace of latter day England?

Then look no further than Alderney.

With two thriving businesses for sale this could
be the ideal move.

THE BELLE VUE HOTEL - Family run since 1974, personal circumstances now mean owner wishes to retire

 Priced to sell.
Offers in the region of £925,000

 With sea views over the Channel, this large island hotel has 16 en suite bedrooms including executive suite with jacuzzi, 2 dining rooms, large function room, popular bar & owners’ accommodation.


Or perhaps the BRAYE CHIPPY

Renowned as one of the Channel Island’s favourite Fish & Chip businesses, Braye Chippy lies right beside the harbour offering
superb views into the Inner
 Harbour and the setting sun beyond.

Catering for in-house diners and the takeaway market, the kitchen area has been further upgraded offering a ready and waiting superb local business.

The outside seating area caters for 36 while there are 32 covers in the dining room. An all the year round business awaiting new owners!

For more details contact the Bell & Co Team
Tel: +44 (0) 1481 822562

Friday, April 1, 2011

Alderney - Why Think of Anywhere Else?

Alderney  -  Why Think of Anywhere Else?
With a global combination of natural disasters and economic recession, there is much to be said for living in a temperate climate with the added bonus of benefiting from a low tax jurisdiction.
We could well be talking about Alderney – in fact we are.
Alderney is in the delightful situation of being almost the “forgotten isle”. Yet we are only a 45 minute air flight from Southampton, just 8 miles from the French coast and close enough for a day’s shopping trip to both Guernsey and Jersey – and our climate is generally warmer than that of the UK!
So why look elsewhere for a place to live and work? Then think again of some of our other advantages to whet your appetite – no Capital Gains Tax, no Inheritance Tax, no VAT and 20% Income Tax.
Then wander further down the line. Alderney offers a very safe environment in which to live. It is virtually crime free; it is safe to walk at night. We don’t have “no go areas” – we simply have quality of life, a quality that everyone should enjoy no matter where one lives, yet that quality has been eroded away from so many places in the UK.
At Bell & Co, we have spent the last 30 years offering such quality by introducing this new way of life. We offer a low key and stress free service where no pressure in put on clients – as so often happens everywhere these days in the estate agency business.
Alderney has so much to offer and we at Bell & Co are here to start that process for you – a process that you may wish you had started many years ago! Our team of six are ready to help.

Email our office

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The New Zealand Difference

New Zealand Countryside

This month we go off on a wide tangent and look at estate agents in New Zealand. This is where this blog is being written – from the shores of Lake Karapiro in Cambridge “The Town of Trees” in North Island which has a population of about 16,000 and probably an equal number of race horses.
 The laid back approach and, in particular, estate agents’ property descriptions are something to be envied at – I think!     It makes us realise that our day to day workings probably do not need to be so regimented and politically correct, but should err on the side of perhaps cautious tranquillity and light heartedness. A few examples that we saw emblazoned underneath photos of houses in estate agents’ windows bear this out:-
 “If this was a boat, it would sink”
“Looking for that project to torment the wife?”
“Wow, what a back yard”
“Bag a bargain”
“Do me up and make me yours”
 Yet even within the easy living of Alderney that we all enjoy, we cannot see ourselves being allowed to use such headlines – more the pity!

 Yet perhaps there is a lesson here being quietly put forward by the Kiwis that the UK could learn from. Maybe a more informal approach within work styles could have an overall softening effect on the continual and ever-growing stress levels of those working and living in the UK. And this is where we at Bell & Co have a general affinity with New Zealand – a great lifestyle. Alderney’s main difference is positive -  no restrictions on entry. Also, having bought your house, we have no Capital Gains Tax and no Death Duties for domiciled residents. This, coupled with no VAT and 20% Income Tax, sends out the most positive signals and enticements to those thinking of a change in lifestyle and a move away from the harsh tax implications of the UK that can only become more stringent as time progresses.

Rolling hills of New Zealand

 A further speedy difference comes to mind for those contemplating moving to Alderney as opposed to New Zealand - it takes just 45 minutes to reach us from the UK!
 BUT we have to admit that we do endure far more dull and conservative property descriptions – can’t beat that one!
 While writing this month’s blog, the horrendous earthquake has just occurred in Christchurch on South Island. It has certainly touched the world, and our thoughts go out to everyone involved.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Political Stability

 Political stability. This combination of two simple words has probably been taken too much for granted in recent years.

With serious unrest spoiling so many countries at the moment, we now read of apparent anarchy spreading through Egypt, something that would probably not have even entered our minds in that country just a couple of weeks ago.

Alderney, however, revels in political stability. The way in which the Alderney political system works must be a rarity within our modern world. We are non-political – there are no parties. We simply vote for the people who we consider can do the best for the island. We have a President and 10 States Members who stand for terms of four years.

To keep reading of so many countries seemingly pulling themselves apart is disheartening and depressing.

This is where we consider ourselves to be so fortunate to live in Alderney which, in reality, is only a stone’s throw south of England and just 8 miles from the French coast – yet there is this great feeling of being cocooned and cushioned from the outside world – but certainly not isolated.

We enjoy the best of all worlds – and we don’t even have restrictions on buying property and moving here unlike the other Channel Islands.
And we haven’t even got round to mentioning all the other benefits of a tax haven – or an offshore jurisdiction to be more politically correct!

So, take a look at the Alderney properties we at Bell & Co have for sale and come through for a chat. We would be happy to send you a full interesting package.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New Way Forward for 2011

80% of Alderney's  stamp duty receipts during 2010 come soley from Bell & Co house sales.

The New Year is dawning and from the chilly winter weather with all too short daylight hours, can Alderney look forward to the type of fortitude, resilience and total upbeat optimism that our cricketers have just given us in Australia after retaining the Ashes!

Perhaps not to that extent..... but we have a major new look within our Government with three new States Members succeeding from our winter elections. They confirm they are totally committed to Alderney, not simply to the general face of the island, but most importantly to business within the island.

Alderney can still offer the outstanding opportunity of living here and working here – and yes, of course, holidaying here. In these stringent economic times, we have not priced away from general market prices. Here, we do not have a two-tier market as in Guernsey, nor do we have the stringent financial qualifications in order to move into Jersey.

Alderney is one island with one property market that is quite comparable in price to many areas within the Home Counties.

Is now the time to consider a change in lifestyle?   With VAT increasing in the UK this month and with other inevitable tax burdens surely to be released in coming months, why not enjoy a more laid back lifestyle in the comfort and safety of the low tax jurisdiction that Alderney can offer - and only a 45 minutes air flight from Southampton?

Contact us at Bell & Co for an initial chat – not just about property, but about Alderney itself.

Friday, December 3, 2010

December 2010


A rare snow scene at St Anne's Church

December – a positive and exciting month with so much to look forward to. There may be fewer daylight hours and lower temperatures, but Alderney usually fares better than mainland UK – as we undoubtedly do within our property market. And, with snow chaos devastating the UK prior to Christmas, Alderney, although also enjoying some snow and rare white views, remains calmer and more composed!
With our low tax structure coupled with NO Capital Gains Tax and NO Inheritance Tax for domiciled residents – and of course NO VAT – Alderney always enjoys a powerful pulling power.
And being just some 70 miles south of the Isle of Wight, we are only a 45 minute air flight from Southampton Airport and just 10 minutes from Guernsey.
Safety and quality of life are two other prime features that make us stand out from the rest.
At Bell & Co, we have surprised ourselves with the amount of inquiries that have come in over the past few months, the number of people who have flown in to see the island first hand and its houses for sale. These viewings have resulted in more agreed sales than we would have thought.
Prices remain subdued while interest is increasing – an interesting scenario for any serious purchaser or investor!
So come through for a chat on any subject or keep in touch via our monthly blog with the Alderney property scene along with other political and economic changes that ultimately shape our island.

The way we hope to see the year panning out following our recent States elections with new politicians.   2011 should see a positive way forward.