Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New Way Forward for 2011

80% of Alderney's  stamp duty receipts during 2010 come soley from Bell & Co house sales.

The New Year is dawning and from the chilly winter weather with all too short daylight hours, can Alderney look forward to the type of fortitude, resilience and total upbeat optimism that our cricketers have just given us in Australia after retaining the Ashes!

Perhaps not to that extent..... but we have a major new look within our Government with three new States Members succeeding from our winter elections. They confirm they are totally committed to Alderney, not simply to the general face of the island, but most importantly to business within the island.

Alderney can still offer the outstanding opportunity of living here and working here – and yes, of course, holidaying here. In these stringent economic times, we have not priced away from general market prices. Here, we do not have a two-tier market as in Guernsey, nor do we have the stringent financial qualifications in order to move into Jersey.

Alderney is one island with one property market that is quite comparable in price to many areas within the Home Counties.

Is now the time to consider a change in lifestyle?   With VAT increasing in the UK this month and with other inevitable tax burdens surely to be released in coming months, why not enjoy a more laid back lifestyle in the comfort and safety of the low tax jurisdiction that Alderney can offer - and only a 45 minutes air flight from Southampton?

Contact us at Bell & Co for an initial chat – not just about property, but about Alderney itself.