Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Political Stability

 Political stability. This combination of two simple words has probably been taken too much for granted in recent years.

With serious unrest spoiling so many countries at the moment, we now read of apparent anarchy spreading through Egypt, something that would probably not have even entered our minds in that country just a couple of weeks ago.

Alderney, however, revels in political stability. The way in which the Alderney political system works must be a rarity within our modern world. We are non-political – there are no parties. We simply vote for the people who we consider can do the best for the island. We have a President and 10 States Members who stand for terms of four years.

To keep reading of so many countries seemingly pulling themselves apart is disheartening and depressing.

This is where we consider ourselves to be so fortunate to live in Alderney which, in reality, is only a stone’s throw south of England and just 8 miles from the French coast – yet there is this great feeling of being cocooned and cushioned from the outside world – but certainly not isolated.

We enjoy the best of all worlds – and we don’t even have restrictions on buying property and moving here unlike the other Channel Islands.
And we haven’t even got round to mentioning all the other benefits of a tax haven – or an offshore jurisdiction to be more politically correct!

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